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I purchase a fridge from them and they promise me that it would be there at a certain day ..i took the day off and never received my fridge and when i called the mangers was not there neither the sales man Add comment

The guy Steve is as rude a manager/salesperson I have ever don't business with. I have been in sales over 20 years and this is worst person I have ever come across. I would not recommend this place to an enemy! Add comment

Bought a samsung induction stove a year and a half ago and after moving it out to clean behind it it showed a tE code ,which i have determand is samsungs death code , and after three attempts by a certified repairman to fix it it has been deemed by samsung to be unfixable, their customer service response was so sorry nothing we can do so i'm out 1700 dollars just because i made the mistake of trusting samsung and famous tate , hopefully this... Read more

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My guy and I have purchased a stove, dishwasher, 2 beds and frames. From the time we walk into the store, we are treated friendly and eager to help in any way. It's sad that some people have gotten the wrong experience from them. Maybe it's the store. Our store has always been clean, in order and easy to deal with. THAT'S why we keep going back. Or maybe it's our SALESMAN, he has always been great with us. Anyway I wish all stores were... Read more

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I purchased over $10,000.00 in kitchen appliances and within the 30 day period found the items for less. They told me I needed to submit a written quote from the competition. Then they wanted to say the "whole price" for everything was cheaper from them. The offer states that they would refund the difference in price for an individual item(s). They did not keep their word. Just a cheap trick to get you to buy. Oh an don't get the warrantee... Read more

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I bought a Samsung dishwasher with extended warranty. Two weeks to see repairman, zero parts, a week later repairman returns says parts shipped to me, still no parts, wait ten days repairman arrives, puts in a part but not the part the machine indicated was the problem. Now waiting 7 days, getting nothing. Turns out that Famous Tate sells and warrants a machine that has zero parts in the USA. All parts must be ordered from Korea!! Dishwasher is... Read more

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Famous Tate sells noisy and disfunctional garbage appliances and them don't take them back like other retailers, I wouldn't recommend them to my enemy. I"m going to loose my hearing and loose sleepover the garbage they sell. The US has gone to *** with all our goods being made in other countries. poor quality everything. And nobody seem"s to care. We give their poor people work and take it away from us, and in PLAIN ENGLISH they give us the... Read more

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I was involved in a delivery of a refrigerator to a customer in Topics RV park. Your customer was told the refrig. would not fit thru kitchen door. I had measured the doorway for the people which was big enough according to the pamphlet. The doors would have to come off to fit which I guess the delivery persons did not want to do. When I got to the house, the delivery persons were very rude to me still saying it would not fit. Your customer has... Read more

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order the washer dryer combo from famous Take New Port Richey salesman told me that I could come in and sign papers anytime when I called on Saturday they said he could not deliver because I didn't sign the papers a week later they deliver the washer dryer combo installers left a bracket on the the washing machine called store manager next week have not heard back from them remove the bracket myself not sure if it damage the unit by running it Read more

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I received 3 new appliances June 2015, one was damaged and they agreed they would order Maytag dryer door. I was told by the original sales person all order complaints would go through him. Unfortunately he left the company and when I called 3 weeks later to check on the status of the order they told me I would have to check with Maytag direct, even though they placed the order. Maytag had no idea what I was talking about and it took about them... Read more

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