While dealing with GE Customer Service without any resolvements to their refrigerator problems (3 without being repaired properly), Thanks to Famous Tate the problem have been resolved. Thanks to Lorenzo Delgado who contacted GE and resolved the problem and a replacement refrigerator directly from the Product Service Exchange, Louisville, Ky was delivered today.

We were at the roads end, where GE would keep replacing parts but the refrigerator keep breaking down. With no freezer or Ice maker not working and the temperature inside the refrigerator was below temperature it was a NIGHTMARE, to say the least. It takes 7-10 days for the warrenty technication to arrive, who would order parts and another 7-10 days before repairing and then the nightmare would start all over again.

This was going on for 9 months and we were at witts end. Thank you Jane Craven, Manager and Lynn Brown to consult with their inside Customer Sales Service where Lorenzo Delgado contacted the proper people at GE to bring this nightmare to a end.

Thank You Famous Tate.

Product or Service Mentioned: Famous Tate Customer Care.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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